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RMC offer a number of renewables and energy efficiency measures for your home, consisting of the following:


Solar thermodynamic heating

These heating systems consist of solar collection panels which work day or night, 24 hours a day, to absorb heat from the atmosphere and transfer this energy to the refrigerant circulating the system. The refrigerant is then compressed and passed through a heat exchanger to heat your water, to deliver a consistant 55Âșc day or night.


Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic panel systems absorb light energy and convert this into electrical energy for use in your home or to feed back in to the grid. Solar photovoltaic panels absorb energy even on a cloudy day. Energy which isn't used in your home can be fed back into the grid and you could benefit from the government's feed in tariff for solar photovoltaic panels.


Domestic wind turbines

Domestic wind turbines generate electrical energy from wind. These can work day or night to provide energy for your home or business. Electricity which is surprlus to requirements can be fed back into the grid and you could also benefit from the government's feed in tariff.


Internal Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation (IWI) is the favoured choice of energy efficiency measure for solid walls on properties where there can be no impact to the look of the building's facade. This makes it the ideal choice for listed buildings, sandstone buildings or buildings with uneven facades.

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